Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Heart racing, I checked my UChicago Admissions Account for what must have been the 100th time in eighth period TOK. 99 times, nothing new. Apparently the 100th is the charm!

There was only a minor change: a small box within which was a curt statement along the lines of, "Admissions decisions have been made. Click here to view your decision." I gasped audibly. My entire TOK class, aware of my plight, turned to face me all at once. One word: pressure.

I eagerly, yet nervously, clicked the link. At that exact moment 5,855 other potential students were attempting the same. As a result, the page took an excruciatingly long time to load...

Finally, a message appeared.

"Dear Blake,

Congratulations! -"

That was as far as I got. A cheer escaped my mouth and I leaped from my chair. The class, observing me throughout the ordeal, began to applaud. I had forgotten their presence and blushed.

Mrs. Allen told me to call my mom. I did so, was wished a congratulations, and then my thoughts turned to my friend Brad. I asked Mrs. Allen if I could get him, she approved. After running through the halls, I made it to Mr. Talbot's room, and asked him if I could have Brad. From there we ran to the IB room to get on a computer. Pressure continued to mount...

Several people had Research in the IB room. I'm sure they loved Brad and I loudly and excitedly interrupting their study period. We frantically got onto a computer and Brad logged into his account... The minutes it took for this process to occur were obnoxiously long. Everyone in the room took to focusing intently on the screen...

Next thing we know, the letter opens with the same words as mine! Brad jumps higher than Kobe and we cheered gleefully. What happened next, I am not so sure. It was complete and utter happiness.... and apparently Julie and Brooke got pictures for us :).

My life has suddenly decreased in stress level, although a variety of new challenges loom ahead. I'm still going to apply to some other colleges, but it feels amazing to have my safety school be ranked #8 in the country. My mind is blown, quite frankly.

On the same note, I would like to offer my congratulations to the IB Class of 2010 who is certainly surpassing the expectations placed upon it. I would like to congratulate the following:

Albert Cui: Yale. My friend, you have worked harder than anyone for this, you completely and totally deserve it. I am inexpressibly happy for you!

David Evans: Stanford. Wow. You are brilliant, David. At 18, you've done more to help the world than a lot of adults. You will excel at Stanford or at whatever prestigious college you choose to attend.

Anish Bhatnager: Johns Hopkins. Since we met each other in 4th grade, you have dreamed of going to this amazing university. We are going to hang out a bunch during college. I know you'll be amazing! :)

Phuong My Le: Washington University in St. Louis. Although I joke about WashU, it's a great university and you'll have a great time. It's supposed to have one of the happiest student bodies, you'll make it even happier!

Bradley Marshall: fellow UChicago potential student. Dude, I am stoked at the idea of you and I going to one of the best universities in the world that is supposedly exactly like Hogwarts! Chicago seems to be right on our wavelength, I can't wait to visit and possibly attend this elite school with you.

I don't know if I'll go to Chicago for sure, but the #8 university in the country is an amazing safety net to have. I'll apply to some more colleges, but no matter what happens, I'm on the up and up! :)

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