Thursday, November 25, 2010


For the last seven years, my mom and I have been watching the TV show Monk together. At night, after we had completed our work for the day, we'd gather around the TV and follow San Francisco's Obsessive Compulsive Detective as he solved crimes and sanitized his hands. As time passed, we came to know and love the characters and their quirks. We watched their stories progress, especially that of Mr. Monk as he fought through a variety of struggles and put the pieces together to solve his wife's murder.

Tonight, on Thanksgiving, my mom and I watched the series finale. It's two-part story detailed a dramatic (and, as always, humorous) conclusion that saw Mr. Monk finally solve that one case that had eluded him. The episode was a culmination of years of stories and plots. When it ended, I couldn't help but feel a little sad and nostalgic. I couldn't help but reflect on the many nights over the last seven years that my mom and I had spent together watching this show, following these characters' "lives" develop as our own lives did the same.

When we started, I was 11 years old, not even in middle school. Now, I'm three months into college visiting home for the first time since I left. For those incredibly formative years in my life, watching Monk was something special that my mom and I did together. It was one of our things and I'll miss it. The memories of my mom and I watching and enjoying Monk together, laughing and even sometimes crying, are something I am truly grateful for on this Thanksgiving.

It's been a good run, Mr. Monk, mom and I will miss you.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My Recent Blogging Trend

I haven't posted a blog in a while, though I've written a lot of them. A solid stack of saved posts currently resides on the post menu, but I've written them more in an effort for personal reflection than to share on a blog.

I get this idea and I think it's absolutely brilliant. I immediately begin typing furiously, splashing my thoughts crudely onto the computer screen. Several minutes later, paragraphs lie strewn together, tying together scattered thoughts and feelings.

I read over my work. Initially, I'm happy. That is how I'm feeling. Sure, I'll need to tidy it up, but that is a good piece of reflective writing. Then the thought comes over me. Is that really something I want to share with everyone and anyone? I think about it and conclude that if I have to think about it, I should probably save the post and keep it for my eyes only.

This is why there haven't been posts for the last two months or so. I feel as though I need to be inspired to write well and recently I'm inspired to write about personal topics and challenges that I'm not inclined to broadcast over the web.

To phrase those thoughts generally, my life has altered drastically in the last three months. It's been a series of challenges, but I've enjoyed it immensely. I've been making new goals and forming new habits in an effort to take the opportunity that college offers me to improve myself.

In this spirit, here's a new goal: to be better about my blog posting.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Home Away From Home

For the last three weeks I've been living in West Philadelphia. It's been really great, but I haven't had much of a chance to update the blog to give a bit of context to my new life! Now, I'm going to give a bit of a virtual tour of my dorm, where I've been spending most of my time.

Here is the first glimpse at Franklin 114: our door. I am aptly represented by Big Bird while my roommates are characterized as Buzz Lightyear and Clifford. What a combination, eh?

After entering through the door's threshold, the best purchase I have ever made dominates our spacious common area. Yes, that futon has been tried and true. Indeed, just today I took an hour long nap on its plush cushion after Math!

This, specifically, is where I spend much of my time. Sadly this is not the futon. No, it is my desk and workspace. With all the work we get out here, our desk chairs become well-worn before too long. Luckily, I upgraded from the standard wooden chair to a comfortable office chair. I do what I can to make this space as personalized as possible. Directly above my desk and computer there are various paraphernalia from home. On the left is my cork board packed with photos of friends and memories - if you look carefully, you could see your own face smiling back at you! To the right of the cork board is my Utah sports shrine. Much to my roommates' chagrin, I zealously represent the beehive state above all others in its athletic endeavors.

After becoming fed up with homework, I will turn to the welcoming futon. This is my view from its comforting embrace. A refrigerator and shelves full of food are a must for college-aged men! Not to mention a TV, which is set on ESPN almost constantly.

A glimpse behind the futon reveals a bit of a clearer picture of the rest of the room. I apologize for the poor lighting on the picture, but I think you can get the gist. My roommates' desks are lined up against the windows and to either side of this picture are the rooms we actually sleep in. I won't show pictures of those at the moment though - they're quite messy!

Well, there it is. A mini-tour of my Philadelphia residence. I hope to post pictures of campus before too long - it's truly an idyllic college campus. Hopefully I'll be able to better balance homework and blogging in the future. For now, that balance is pretty one-sided!

Monday, August 30, 2010

College and Its Many Changes

The month of August has blown by me like a whirlwind, leaving my mind spinning and my blog in the dust. After two weeks of travelling and two weeks of goodbyes, I sit in my dorm room in West Philadelphia. All of the sudden, I'm a college student. Just like that.

This experience has been half-liberating and half-intimidating. It's nice to be able to dictate your own schedule and do what you want at any given moment, but at the same time, it's hard to leave home and be thrust into a new place that is much different than the place you left behind with a new set of responsibilities placed on your shoulders.

I've enjoyed my college experience thus far. There are really interesting people all around me - people who have completely different perspectives than I; and they're from every state in the country and every country in the world. Professors and deans wander the campus, occasionally stopping a wandering freshman to ask their name, where they're from, and what interests they have. Indeed, the professors themselves are fascinating. Already, I have had the opportunity to hear a lecture on "The Paradoxes of Interactive Media" which made me think more about the technological world around us and how it functions at a marketing level. Oh, and my dorm is pretty dang cool too.

Yes, college is different, but I think I like it here.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Years of Spanish Classes Haven't Failed Me

For the last five days, I've been living in Oaxaco, Mexico where the official, preferred, and only language spoken is Spanish. Signs are in Spanish, taxi drivers only speak Spanish - even workers at the Dirección de Turismo (Office of Tourism) can't understand English! This immersion in Spanish has been such a wonderful opportunity for me to improve, practice, and utilize my Spanish in an environment that requires it. Not to mention the fact that it is simply awesome when you can have a legitimate exchange with someone (a conversation that involves something other than asking for their name or for the time) in your second language. I absolutely love it. Thank goodness for my six years of Spanish classes, especially the last three with Señor Olsen. Without them, I'd be un americano estereotípico, perdido en un idioma extraño.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lake Powell: Incredible, Beautiful, and Unforgettable

Four days after embarking on a journey to Lake Powell with four great friends (and two very cool chaperons), I came home with facial scruff, a new hairstyle, several sunburns, and wonderful memories. My time there was unforgettable.

I had never been to Lake Powell before this last week. For those of you that are unfamiliar with it, Lake Powell is a huge reservoir that fills a series of canyons in southern Utah and northern Arizona. The sight of a canyon flooded with water is, without any exaggeration, majestic. Steep and smooth red rock canyon walls hundreds of feet tall fall perpendicularly and contrastingly into the lake's deep blue, shifting waters. Zooming on a speedboat over endless waves with the wind blowing through my hair as the spectacular scene completely encompassed me was breathtaking in the word's fullest meaning.

This vision of beauty was nearly constant. In the morning, we were greeted by the new day as the sun rose softly over the canyon and water, casting rays of pink and orange throughout the sky. During the daytime, the magnificent work of both man and nature was clear under the sun's bright gaze until it disappeared behind the red rock mountains at night, gracing us with colorful and vibrant sunsets. After the sun had departed, stars would poke themselves through the clouds while the moon shone as brilliantly as a lantern in the midst of nightfall.

As gorgeous as the canyon-enfolded lake was, the trip was made truly special by the people I experienced it with. Rarely have I felt so close to a group of people as I do to the four friends with whom I spent those four days. We water skied, skipped rocks, named ducks, swam and floated in the water, roasted marshmallows and Starbursts, explored Native American ruins, and belted out a Capella renditions of songs. We talked about everything from personal mannerisms and country music to our thoughts on life and the future. A dynamic of complete openness allowed for both the funniest and most thoughtful of moments.

This trip was unbelievable, exemplifying a perfect blend of the beauties of nature and friendship. Even only three days removed, I can tell that I will always reflect on my time at the picturesque Lake Powell as an incredible time spent with great friends.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Waning Summer

The last summer before I begin college is passing very quickly. It could have been just last week that my friends and I stood in caps and gowns, culminating our high school experience. Since then, weeks have passed. I've been working and travelling around the country, having great times with friends in between.

As I prepare to leave Nashville, Tennessee, the transience of time has become apparent. Now I am only about five weeks from moving away from my home, friends, and family to a completely new place. Although I am excited and anxious to experience this new part of my life, I confess myself to be somewhat nervous. I'll dearly miss the places and people that I've spent my whole life with.

Overall, I see mostly the positive in my future. This fall, I look forward to meeting new people, exploring new cultures, and taking the opportunity to define myself as I see fit. It'll be an adventure, to be sure, but before I embark, the second half of the summer remains to be enjoyed to the fullest.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Attack of... CATZILLA!!!

While attempting to write a thank you note, my cat, Boo, decided that she was, in fact, more important than whoever I was writing. As she often does, she jumped up onto my desk, laid across the letter, and nuzzled my writing hand, demanding attention.

Yes, she remained triumphant, eventually forcing me to give up on my letter.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Friday, June 25, 2010

Love Is In The Air

Just a few hours ago, my cousin was married at a beautiful church just minutes from picturesque Florida beaches covered in white sand. A reception followed afterwards, held at a luxurious venue featuring a pool, hammocks, food, and other instruments of enjoyment and relaxation. Throughout the heartfelt wedding ceremony and the lovely gathering that followed, I think that everyone in attendance felt a spirit of love in the air. As the new husband and wife danced to a slow tune, onlookers cried softly and cheered loudly, experiencing the beauty of love before them.

During this celebration of love, another romance came to my attention: that of my relative Carolyn's. Carolyn is my grandfather's niece, which makes her my second cousin once removed or something to that effect. Regardless of her exact relation, I absolutely love Carolyn. She is intelligent, funny, talented, easy to talk to, very caring, and overall, a really wonderful woman. She reminds me a lot of my grandmother. Carolyn is 76 years old - 76! And yes, I introduced her first by talking about a romance of hers! I can imagine some of you being confused at this point so let me explain.

Carolyn was married happily to a man named Ruhl (not sure if I spelled it correctly) for dozens of years. Together they had three children who have grown up to be wonderful people. Unfortunately, somewhere between 12-15 years ago, Ruhl passed away. Thus, for the last several years, Carolyn has been living on her own as a widow, not even "noticing men," according to her.

Tonight at the wedding reception, however, Carolyn sounded as though she was a teenage schoolgirl again. Over the past couple of months, she has been spending time with Bill, a man from her church that has been her friend for 54 years. Both had been married to other people who had sadly passed away, but were now really enjoying each other's company.

For the better part of an hour, Carolyn, the mother of three, grandmother of nine, regaled the family with the tale of this blossoming romance. The story of how he had called her to ask her to lunch and the drama of them agreeing to sit next to each other in church were of particular interest. She spoke of Bill's caring attitude as he raised his children and his admirable religious standards. My relative Glen, her son, joked that she talked more about Bill in 15 minutes than he had about any woman he'd ever dated!

While listening Carolyn talk so excitedly about this man, I felt such happiness for her. At the same time that young love was being sealed in marriage, Carolyn's joy at the outset of a new relationship reminded me that love is a timeless force, capable of infecting young and old with the same giddiness, energy, and excitement. I concur wholeheartedly with my relative Steve's comment: "It just makes you happy to hear people talk excitedly about love!"

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Florida Abode

For the next few days, my mom and I, along with a couple relatives, are staying in a small beach house in Florida for my cousin's wedding. The quaint home is located just a few minutes' walk from the beach and will serve as a lovely home away from home for the remainder of our time here.

I took a few pictures of the house this morning so I can take you on a bit of a virtual tour! I hope to catalog my adventures in Florida to the best of my ability here on my blog.

Drive down Seabreeze Boulevard and you will come across the driveway to the house which is hidden from view by a hodgepodge of shrubbery.

Follow the driveway in and take a right onto the front porch, which is isolated from the forces of nature (aka hoards of mosquitoes) by netting along the border.

Open the front door from the porch and you are greeted by a cozy setting of couches centered around a table and TV, already the site of many great family conversations.

Take a look to your right and you can see a small kitchen and dining area, perfect for a small group on a beach vacation.

And there it is! Minus the bedrooms, but I'm sure you get the gist.

As I said before, I'll try to post again! We'll be here until Monday, so I intend to blog about that which I feel blog-worthy. A few ideas are coming to mind already!

Friday, June 11, 2010


They say that when one door closes, another one opens.

Lately, I've become even more aware of the power of these unseen opportunities brought about by seemingly closing doors. Something completely feared and horrible can take place, yet seven months later you realize that it truly was the best thing that could have happened. Sometimes, the thing that you most feared losing is actually strengthened by that which was threatening it.

Interesting how life's doors work.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Graduation Pictures

Here are some pictures from graduation! In the photo-taking frenzy that ensued shortly after our arrival, my mom and I fought to get pictures with everyone we could. Unfortunately, I didn't get one with everyone I'd have liked to, but here are some of the highlights.

A good group right here!

Anish and I: Locker partners for life!

Rachel and I

Tyler and I: Friends since preschool

Matty D and I: LHC, Solidarity!

Takami and I, squinting into the sun

Brad and I: friends since elementary school, still living it up!

The Guys

I'll probably write another blog about graduation soon, but I had to put some of these pictures up. For now, let's just say that it was a spectacular culmination of what have been a great three years.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Final Stretch

After a long week (that for some reason included homework,) yesterday seemed to be the beginning of the end as far as my high school career is concerned. The day began with graduation practice which, in spite of its excessive length, reminded me that I will be graduating from high school next Wednesday.

As silly as it may sound, I know that I'll be graduated by this time next week, but I don't feel as though I'll be graduated. It hasn't hit me. There has been no paradigm shift in which I realize that my life will soon move beyond high school. Still, this reality is quickly becoming more and more apparent as high school comes to a close.

Tonight is Senior Dinner Dance, the last dance I'll have with the Hillcrest Class of 2010, an amazing group of people. It's going to be the first of many "last _____ I'll have with the Hillcrest Class of 2010." That is such a bizarre thought.

I've spent so much time with my classmates over the years, some since preschool or elementary school. Soon and literally for the first time in my life, I won't be surrounded by these people at all. I'll be 2,000 miles away at college, reminiscing about the last eighteen years of my life and the strong friendships I've formed in that time. My life as I have known it will soon be over. I won't live at home, not even in my hometown, and will be thrust into a life which I'm sure will be very different than the one I'm living now.

This may come across negatively, and I don't mean it to. Yes, my life will be different, that much is sure, but it won't be bad. In many ways, I look forward to this chapter of my life. I know that I will make new friendships, learn a variety of lessons, and take this opportunity to reinvent myself to a degree, all good things, but I will certainly miss the people and the life that I leave behind.

I think all of the graduating seniors have similar emotions. Emotions that border on excitement and trepidation with a sense of surrealism attached. None of us can fully comprehend what being graduated will be like or feel like or what lies in store for us in our future life path.

Luckily, neither I, nor any of my classmates, have to worry about coping with such emotions directly until this Wednesday evening. Until then, I'm going to fully enjoy every end-of-high school activity on this final stretch, beginning with Senior Dinner Dance tonight.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Can You Say Double Post?

Yes, I'm posting twice within an hour. I told you I was in the mood to blog!

You may notice some differences in the musical selection gracing your presence on my blog today. I've made a playlist of one of my favorite songs from some of my favorite bands and artists. In no particular order, they are:

Taylor Swift
Relient K
Owl City
The All-American Rejects
Fall Out Boy
The Fray
Good Charlotte

I hope you enjoy this unique blend as you search my blog!

I Just Wanna Blog!

Sitting at my computer with a good friend, checking out my friends' wonderful blog, I was struck with the inspiration. You all know what I'm talking about- the inspiration to write, even if you don't know yet exactly what you'll write about.

Well, that's me. Inspired with a desire to write, but lacking an inspired topic. In this spirit, I'll turn to the happenings of the week.

Tomorrow is the National Honor Society Officers' Luncheon. After school, the five outgoing NHS officers get to be treated to some wonderful cuisine provided by Chile's. I am so stoked! The officers this year are really great people, it's been such a pleasure getting to interact as a team. We have a fun, but focused dynamic- a truly enjoyable attitude. And really, where better is there to toast a great year in NHS than Chile's?

One contender is Cafe Rio, which is catering the NHS end-of-year social on Wednesday! Yum :). That will be yet another great gathering! As I continue, I realize that much of my week will be characterized by the food I eat. On Thursday's menu:

Breakfast: Academic Letter Breakfast
Lunch: La Puente with 7th Period Spanish
Dinner: IB Senior Dinner and Awards Night


I really love food. Thursday will be an excellent day.

Then, there's Saturday. Senior Dinner Dance. Probably the most important and most-anticipated meal of them all. Wow. That will be, along with next week, really... I don't even know the word to describe it.

A blog regarding my up-and-coming graduation is sure to follow soon.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

It's Been a Long Time...

I have finally decided that, no, I will not study, I will update my blog because it has been, quite frankly, too long. I've started to feel progressively worse about the neglect I've demonstrated to the poor fellow and decided tonight that it was time.

I am, along with my fellow classmates, finally on the outward end of what has been a long AP/IB testing season. At the beginning of the year, scheduling my senior year, I knew somewhere in the back of my mind that I would be regretting my jam-packed schedule eight months later. Well, maybe I don't regret it so much as recognize that it has definitely challenged me academically. The last three weeks have been, for lack of better word, insane. Test after test after test and on and on it goes. Funnily enough, I'm posting this blog as though all of this is in the past tense! Ha! I have Biology AP tomorrow.

I'm glad that most of my fellow bloggers (also being my readers) can understand the stress of the past few weeks. Keeping this in mind, I'm sure that you can understand my absence from the blogging universe.

Well, as you can see, testing has been a large portion of my life since... oh, April 1st, but certainly not all of it. As I will soon have much more spare time on my hands, I expect to be retroactively blogging rather frequently over the next few days, sometimes even more than once a day! Topics to look forward to: Work, Summer, 30 Days to a Better Man, Graduation, and Prom :).

I've had some good ideas for blogs lately, so I hope you'll bear with me as I make up for lost time!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring Break 2010

Home - 7:45 AM 4/1/2010

St. George, UT - Taken from Weather Webcam at 7:46 AM 4/1/2010

I can't wait.

Monday, March 15, 2010

A Fleeting Feeling

We all have experiences- wonderful, amazing experiences that we wish we could replay over and over and over. Instead, all that remains is a shadow of a state of mind that, for a period of time, you were living. The resulting emotion is a mixture of happiness at the good times and sadness at their passage with just a hint of longing for them to return. Words can't quite convey the feeling. It takes a uniquely special experience for me to feel it, but here I am and boy do I feel it. Ah well. I had a great weekend with a family that I'm blessed to have and I know there are many more of those to come.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Opening of the Season

As I sit in history class, I gaze thoughtfully out the window to a bright day outside. It's a beautiful day and I can't wait to fully experience it after a hard day of testing and note-taking.

Today is the first tennis match of the season and I can't wait. It's been just under a year since I had the chance to experience the high school season. The particular emotions that have historically accompanied this time rush through my body. High school tennis has offered its share of mixed feelings. There have been things that frustrated me and made me, at times, hate the entire concept. On the other hand, I've had great times with good friends on the team and have had many memorable experiences. In my senior and final year on the team, I'm hoping for more of the latter.

The year mark also brings to mind the changes of the past year- as such anniversaries do. I'm reminded of the great things that happened last March through May, both in regards to tennis and otherwise. Today, nothing can be done to change the aspects that fall within the "otherwise" category, but it will signal the beginning of a brand-new tennis season. One that I am determined to make successful.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Power of Song

As I was getting my school things together this morning, I quickly checked my blog to see if any of my friends had updated. Music began streaming from the computer speakers and immediately my day got brighter. Remembering all of the wonderful emotions and memories associated with this music brought a smile to my face.

And with this smile, I head off to school!

Monday, March 1, 2010


There are certain things in life - people, places, events - that affect you like nothing else. These effects can be positive or negative. They can be inspiring or they can be self-defeating. They can be beautiful or detestable. Regardless, these things, these catalysts, evoke a profound, striking emotion that leaves you thinking for a long time after they made their initial mark.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Inspired By Frost

Back at school.
Now, I'm no fool.
Yet, I feel as though I need to take,
Another long break.

For some reason I've felt recently,
That I should act decently,
To create a poem to compose,
My feelings in prose.

One might suppose,
That, in fact, this poem is not prose!
I needed a rhyme, I'd say,
If you don't like, stay away!

Inspired by the likes of Hughes,
I've felt the burning poetic desire.
After all, I have nothing to lose,
And I will quell the poetic fire.

This poem is not exactly flawless,
Actually, it's somewhat of a mess!
It meets not my expectation,
I had hoped for after examination:
I noticed upon further consideration,
That this poem lacks adequate alliteration.
Qualities characteristic of Frost;
Upon me they are lost.

Yet still, in the name of blog, I try,
As time has flown by.
It takes a hold of me;
Sometimes I can't break free.

I haven't updated and blogged,
in about two weeks.
I feel as though school has hogged,
My time that, away, still leaks.

I thought that after college application,
And loads of IB homework,
I could afford some relaxation.
Instead the ghost of work
Continues to lurk.

College applications are an interesting beast.
I thought that after January first,
My worry regarding them would burst,
Yet upon my happy countenance, they continue to feast.

We have just over a month to wait,
And I'm in a dire strait!
Where will I get admitted?
Definitely not everywhere I submitted
An application of full of hope.
Let's hope there will be no reason to mope.
With no expectations,
I look toward my notifications.

I look toward the future:
Toward college and independence.
It's scary, to be sure,
To be waiting on the fence,
Between childhood and reality-
It's quite the duality.

Yet, here I sit in the present,
In psychology class,
While challenged, I feel pleasant,
Indeed, while hard, I would never pass,
On the life I've been given,
The life I love to be livin'!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Kaleidoscope of Emotions

Today, I have felt a huge variety of emotions, both positive and negative.

Here are a select few:

Elation Appreciation Surprise! Happiness
Joy Humor Gluttony Thoughtful
Seriousness Acceptance Passion Nervousness
Depression Contentedness Disappointment Confidence
Accomplished Pride Worry
Shame Sick Awkwardness Reflectiveness
Longing Embarrassment Frustration Interest
Affection Reflectiveness Jealousy Longing
Confusion Curiosity Flattery Comfort Love
Tiredness Excitement Stress Bliss
All part of an excellent day.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


I sit on a bed in Providence as rain patters on the window.

I think to myself the words of the founder of Providence, Roger Williams, that by "God's... Providence" I find myself here. It seems to me extraordinary that I am here for some reason I can't put my finger on. Is it because I am lucky enough for the opportunity to travel across the nation? Because it is somewhere I have never been or even imagined of being? Or simply because out of the entire world, I am drawn to the small city of Providence to seek out the beginning of the rest of my life?

Roaming around the country, looking at areas where I could very well be spending the next four years of my life makes me think about those four years. I see in these campuses unlimited potential for an enriching experience. The potential to pursue interests, to embark on a professional career, to truly become the person I want to be. It's something difficult to think about, much less work to accomplish.

There are so many aspects to life, it's strange to imagine them all changing within the next eight months or so, yet that will be a result. Everything will change. This seems clear as I look around to see a culture distinctly and profoundly different than what I've lived in for almost 18 years.

For the most part, I'm excited. Fashioning my own lifestyle is an amazing prospect. I just hope I don't go wrong in doing it. For the most part, I have confidence in myself and am assured that I will embrace the changes gracefully. Still... there are nagging thoughts. Little demons that terrorize my vision of an ideal future. Will I be lonely? Will I be overwhelmed with schoolwork in addition to the new wave of things to be done? Will I forget the dreams and hopes I have now, on the outset of my life? Will I have the courage and conviction to make a break with my life as I now know it?

In looking off to the endless, dark fog of the future, the only idea that really stabilizes me is faith that no matter what happens, it will all turn out the way it should. I don't know quite how to describe it. Above all aspects of my faith, the idea that everything will be good in the end functions as my rock. It helps me get through the hardest times in my life, as I'm sure it will in this case. I don't know why, but for some reason, that idea has never been challenged for me. In the face of the world, I can always look within myself to know that life flows the way it's meant to.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lying in Bed

Here I am, lying in bed late on a Sunday night. I've been meaning to catch up on my blog today. I've been so busy, I've neglected it for several weeks!

Today has turned out to be a great day. A day that reminds me that we are only challenged to make us stronger. I've had the chance today to sort out thoughts and emotions that have presented themselves lately, it's rather refreshing.

I'm grateful for this day and everyday. Now, it's time to go to sleep. Tomorrow will be a brand new day.

Good night :)