Monday, February 22, 2010

Inspired By Frost

Back at school.
Now, I'm no fool.
Yet, I feel as though I need to take,
Another long break.

For some reason I've felt recently,
That I should act decently,
To create a poem to compose,
My feelings in prose.

One might suppose,
That, in fact, this poem is not prose!
I needed a rhyme, I'd say,
If you don't like, stay away!

Inspired by the likes of Hughes,
I've felt the burning poetic desire.
After all, I have nothing to lose,
And I will quell the poetic fire.

This poem is not exactly flawless,
Actually, it's somewhat of a mess!
It meets not my expectation,
I had hoped for after examination:
I noticed upon further consideration,
That this poem lacks adequate alliteration.
Qualities characteristic of Frost;
Upon me they are lost.

Yet still, in the name of blog, I try,
As time has flown by.
It takes a hold of me;
Sometimes I can't break free.

I haven't updated and blogged,
in about two weeks.
I feel as though school has hogged,
My time that, away, still leaks.

I thought that after college application,
And loads of IB homework,
I could afford some relaxation.
Instead the ghost of work
Continues to lurk.

College applications are an interesting beast.
I thought that after January first,
My worry regarding them would burst,
Yet upon my happy countenance, they continue to feast.

We have just over a month to wait,
And I'm in a dire strait!
Where will I get admitted?
Definitely not everywhere I submitted
An application of full of hope.
Let's hope there will be no reason to mope.
With no expectations,
I look toward my notifications.

I look toward the future:
Toward college and independence.
It's scary, to be sure,
To be waiting on the fence,
Between childhood and reality-
It's quite the duality.

Yet, here I sit in the present,
In psychology class,
While challenged, I feel pleasant,
Indeed, while hard, I would never pass,
On the life I've been given,
The life I love to be livin'!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Kaleidoscope of Emotions

Today, I have felt a huge variety of emotions, both positive and negative.

Here are a select few:

Elation Appreciation Surprise! Happiness
Joy Humor Gluttony Thoughtful
Seriousness Acceptance Passion Nervousness
Depression Contentedness Disappointment Confidence
Accomplished Pride Worry
Shame Sick Awkwardness Reflectiveness
Longing Embarrassment Frustration Interest
Affection Reflectiveness Jealousy Longing
Confusion Curiosity Flattery Comfort Love
Tiredness Excitement Stress Bliss
All part of an excellent day.