Monday, February 22, 2010

Inspired By Frost

Back at school.
Now, I'm no fool.
Yet, I feel as though I need to take,
Another long break.

For some reason I've felt recently,
That I should act decently,
To create a poem to compose,
My feelings in prose.

One might suppose,
That, in fact, this poem is not prose!
I needed a rhyme, I'd say,
If you don't like, stay away!

Inspired by the likes of Hughes,
I've felt the burning poetic desire.
After all, I have nothing to lose,
And I will quell the poetic fire.

This poem is not exactly flawless,
Actually, it's somewhat of a mess!
It meets not my expectation,
I had hoped for after examination:
I noticed upon further consideration,
That this poem lacks adequate alliteration.
Qualities characteristic of Frost;
Upon me they are lost.

Yet still, in the name of blog, I try,
As time has flown by.
It takes a hold of me;
Sometimes I can't break free.

I haven't updated and blogged,
in about two weeks.
I feel as though school has hogged,
My time that, away, still leaks.

I thought that after college application,
And loads of IB homework,
I could afford some relaxation.
Instead the ghost of work
Continues to lurk.

College applications are an interesting beast.
I thought that after January first,
My worry regarding them would burst,
Yet upon my happy countenance, they continue to feast.

We have just over a month to wait,
And I'm in a dire strait!
Where will I get admitted?
Definitely not everywhere I submitted
An application of full of hope.
Let's hope there will be no reason to mope.
With no expectations,
I look toward my notifications.

I look toward the future:
Toward college and independence.
It's scary, to be sure,
To be waiting on the fence,
Between childhood and reality-
It's quite the duality.

Yet, here I sit in the present,
In psychology class,
While challenged, I feel pleasant,
Indeed, while hard, I would never pass,
On the life I've been given,
The life I love to be livin'!


  1. Hahaha! The expectation, examination
    consideration, and alliteration made me laugh. You should send me my couplets, I want to read them :)

  2. Yeah, I tried writing a poem as well. It didn't work in English, so I had to try Spanish. Still not all that great.