Sunday, July 18, 2010

Waning Summer

The last summer before I begin college is passing very quickly. It could have been just last week that my friends and I stood in caps and gowns, culminating our high school experience. Since then, weeks have passed. I've been working and travelling around the country, having great times with friends in between.

As I prepare to leave Nashville, Tennessee, the transience of time has become apparent. Now I am only about five weeks from moving away from my home, friends, and family to a completely new place. Although I am excited and anxious to experience this new part of my life, I confess myself to be somewhat nervous. I'll dearly miss the places and people that I've spent my whole life with.

Overall, I see mostly the positive in my future. This fall, I look forward to meeting new people, exploring new cultures, and taking the opportunity to define myself as I see fit. It'll be an adventure, to be sure, but before I embark, the second half of the summer remains to be enjoyed to the fullest.

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