Monday, August 30, 2010

College and Its Many Changes

The month of August has blown by me like a whirlwind, leaving my mind spinning and my blog in the dust. After two weeks of travelling and two weeks of goodbyes, I sit in my dorm room in West Philadelphia. All of the sudden, I'm a college student. Just like that.

This experience has been half-liberating and half-intimidating. It's nice to be able to dictate your own schedule and do what you want at any given moment, but at the same time, it's hard to leave home and be thrust into a new place that is much different than the place you left behind with a new set of responsibilities placed on your shoulders.

I've enjoyed my college experience thus far. There are really interesting people all around me - people who have completely different perspectives than I; and they're from every state in the country and every country in the world. Professors and deans wander the campus, occasionally stopping a wandering freshman to ask their name, where they're from, and what interests they have. Indeed, the professors themselves are fascinating. Already, I have had the opportunity to hear a lecture on "The Paradoxes of Interactive Media" which made me think more about the technological world around us and how it functions at a marketing level. Oh, and my dorm is pretty dang cool too.

Yes, college is different, but I think I like it here.

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  1. Yeah, I know what you mean. Right now, it's almost more intimidating than liberating for me, but it should get better. Classes will be the easy part of college. It's everything else that sort of scares me!