Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My Recent Blogging Trend

I haven't posted a blog in a while, though I've written a lot of them. A solid stack of saved posts currently resides on the post menu, but I've written them more in an effort for personal reflection than to share on a blog.

I get this idea and I think it's absolutely brilliant. I immediately begin typing furiously, splashing my thoughts crudely onto the computer screen. Several minutes later, paragraphs lie strewn together, tying together scattered thoughts and feelings.

I read over my work. Initially, I'm happy. That is how I'm feeling. Sure, I'll need to tidy it up, but that is a good piece of reflective writing. Then the thought comes over me. Is that really something I want to share with everyone and anyone? I think about it and conclude that if I have to think about it, I should probably save the post and keep it for my eyes only.

This is why there haven't been posts for the last two months or so. I feel as though I need to be inspired to write well and recently I'm inspired to write about personal topics and challenges that I'm not inclined to broadcast over the web.

To phrase those thoughts generally, my life has altered drastically in the last three months. It's been a series of challenges, but I've enjoyed it immensely. I've been making new goals and forming new habits in an effort to take the opportunity that college offers me to improve myself.

In this spirit, here's a new goal: to be better about my blog posting.


  1. I know exactly what you mean, my friend. I can't wait to catch up on everything! Haha... It sounds a little gay when I put it like that, but you know what I mean!

  2. haha that it does brad ;) just kidding, haha we all need to get together over thanksgiving break!

  3. Hiya Blake.
    I don't really know alot about ya, and the other way around, but do you mind me asking you some questions? Also, I'd like some pictures from one of your earlier blog posts :)

    Catch me on

    I'd be grateful! - Thanks alot

    , Glenn Petersen (DK)