Sunday, November 29, 2009


Two things this weekend have reminded me of past years.

First, on a more serious note, Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving and Christmas, more than any other holidays, always seem to remind me of old times with family celebrating these wonderful times together. This Thanksgiving was different than any other Thanksgiving. It was the first ever I've spent in Utah, not Texas. It was strange and forced me to think about what has changed in the last several years. So much has.

I love Christmas, and I honestly cannot wait. The morning after Thanksgiving I was blasting Christmas music in my room and it made me smile :). I love the traditions of Christmas and the whole month leading up to it! This year, all I can think of is last Christmas season and its wonderful memories. My anticipation for Christmas and the flashback to last year is reflected in part of my musical choice, if you noticed. Last Christmas season, I listened frequently to the Relient K Christmas CD (hence that song) and Taylor Swift has a song called "Last Christmas" so how could I possibly resist that??

If you're wondering about the remainder of my peculiar music choice, the second flashback-inducing experience explains those!

Several days ago, someone I hadn't seen in ten years found me on Facebook! Isn't Facebook wonderful? His name is Amir and he was one of my best friends in second grade.

I'm sure several of those reading recall the infamous "Boy Band Picture" taken last school year of a rather studly quartet: Bradley Marshall, Albert Cui, Takami Kowalski, and myself, Blake Ellison.

Rewind this picture ten years and you get SilverStreak! It was pretty much a Backstreet Boys tribute band but it was composed of equally studly men... in second grade: Amir Nazari, Tom Lechtinberg (I still have no idea how to spell it...), and, once again, Bradley Marshall and myself, Blake Ellison.

The boy band SilverStreak roamed the halls and playground of Peruvian Park singing favorites such as "As Long As You Love Me" and "I Want It That Way". We were well-known throughout the class for our vocal talents. One of our members (not the right one *cough cough*) even won an award at the end of the year for "Best Voice!"

Good times in 2nd grade... I'm feelin' SilverStreak Reunion Tour, any takers?


  1. Dude, I know Amir Nazari! I went to school with him in 3rd grade at Ridgecrest, the year before I came to Peruvian.