Sunday, November 15, 2009

Taylor Swift

I've decided to devote a blog post to Taylor Swift and it is quite frankly overdue. For those who know me, you understand this and are quite possibly wondering why it took me so long!

We were both young when I heard her... I close my eyes and the flashback starts...

I was first introduced to Taylor when I was in ninth grade. I noticed that a friend of mine was listening to "Teardrops on My Guitar" on IM (back in the day, obviously) and decided to take a gander and listen to the song! Soon, I was entranced and purchased the song! Quickly, "Teardrops" made it to one of my most played songs - I was a dramatic little ninth grader! You know, 'cause when I was fifteen, I was feelin' like there's nothin' to figure out, but I counted to ten and took it all in...

Unfortunately, it was another two years before I would truly appreciate all of Taylor's repertoire. One dark night in... November, I believe, of my junior year, I was listening to the only song I had of hers, and I decided it was time for me to branch out and get her other songs, for after all, I loved this one so much. I took a chance, I took a shot: I bought her two albums: her self-titled one and Fearless, a new release.

Best two musical purchases I have ever made.

Her songs are fantastic and her voice... melodic. I must confess, I developed quite a soft spot for the nice young lady. Maybe I should've said no, but it was a moment of weakness, and I said yes!

Initially, she was my guilty listening pleasure - imagine, a sixteen-going-on-seventeen year old boy in high school listening to Taylor Swift! Soon, however, I learned to proudly display my newest and greatest musical interest.

Since that fateful November night, many things have happened in my life and Taylor's music has been there. On the year's anniversary of the commencement of my complete Taylor listening experience, her songs have taken on an entirely different meaning.

The memories I have of her songs vary wildly. There were happy times and sad times, funny times, and emotional times. When I hear Taylor Swift's songs, I recall driving with buddies across the valley, trekking at Philmont singing my renditions of her songs, and amazed glances I receive when someone learns that I know every word to every song of Taylor's.

When I think Taylor Swift, I think fireworks, literal and emotional, beneath the stars, in the field behind your yard. I think of summer, the best I've ever had. I think of my favorite song, the one we danced to all night long.

It's hard not to find it all a little bittersweet.



  1. I definitely agree with every word! You can't help but love every word of her music. I have to say, I wasn't much of a country fan... at all! But you have to love Taylor, it's impossible not to.

  2. Wow Blake, Obsessed? :) haha just kidding! she's pretty good :)

  3. Haha. You rock, Blake. I'm not a county fan, but I have to admit to liking most of her music, as well.

  4. Hahaha thank you :). I'm glad I am supported in my obse-er... joy for her musical gift :)

  5. This is a great post!! I really liked it!! Maybe its because I am obssesed with Taylor too!! Ha ha You just got to love her music!!