Monday, March 15, 2010

A Fleeting Feeling

We all have experiences- wonderful, amazing experiences that we wish we could replay over and over and over. Instead, all that remains is a shadow of a state of mind that, for a period of time, you were living. The resulting emotion is a mixture of happiness at the good times and sadness at their passage with just a hint of longing for them to return. Words can't quite convey the feeling. It takes a uniquely special experience for me to feel it, but here I am and boy do I feel it. Ah well. I had a great weekend with a family that I'm blessed to have and I know there are many more of those to come.


  1. Me gusta :) and that's the blessing of those moments, that they do end. Otherwise we may never learn to truly appreciate and cherish those special moments in our lives.

  2. Agreed my friend, I couldn't have said it better myself :).