Monday, May 24, 2010

I Just Wanna Blog!

Sitting at my computer with a good friend, checking out my friends' wonderful blog, I was struck with the inspiration. You all know what I'm talking about- the inspiration to write, even if you don't know yet exactly what you'll write about.

Well, that's me. Inspired with a desire to write, but lacking an inspired topic. In this spirit, I'll turn to the happenings of the week.

Tomorrow is the National Honor Society Officers' Luncheon. After school, the five outgoing NHS officers get to be treated to some wonderful cuisine provided by Chile's. I am so stoked! The officers this year are really great people, it's been such a pleasure getting to interact as a team. We have a fun, but focused dynamic- a truly enjoyable attitude. And really, where better is there to toast a great year in NHS than Chile's?

One contender is Cafe Rio, which is catering the NHS end-of-year social on Wednesday! Yum :). That will be yet another great gathering! As I continue, I realize that much of my week will be characterized by the food I eat. On Thursday's menu:

Breakfast: Academic Letter Breakfast
Lunch: La Puente with 7th Period Spanish
Dinner: IB Senior Dinner and Awards Night


I really love food. Thursday will be an excellent day.

Then, there's Saturday. Senior Dinner Dance. Probably the most important and most-anticipated meal of them all. Wow. That will be, along with next week, really... I don't even know the word to describe it.

A blog regarding my up-and-coming graduation is sure to follow soon.


  1. haha I've noticed that a lot of my life is characterized by food, I remember vacations and family stuff based off of food we eat even :)